I am so fucking determined to be happy this year. I spent a year infatuated by a complete loser who didn’t even treat me nicely 90% of the time and I am so done with that whole situation. It’s going to be difficult considering my social circle in Birmingham has decreased by 60% since most of my friends have gone to university and the rest of us left in Birmingham are all trying to sort out our lives. But I am so set on becoming happy both physically and mentally. I’m going to get a job, I’m going to surround myself with people I love and people who love me, I’m going to eat 3 meals a day, I’m going to drink less and write more and keep my room tidy and be nicer to my mom and I am just going to be such a better person.

This time next year I will have a huge smile on my face and a big fuck you to anyone that’s made it difficult in the past year and everything will be better :)




they wait

what are they waiting for??

they wait

untitled by anna strachan / marek strachan on Flickr.

you’ll forget me and i’ll forget you and it will be like nothing happened and everything will be good again


dream room by yoduggy
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